Soul and Tongue: An Exercise in Belonging

All the Peoples of the Earth

Yearn to Belong…

In this, our tongues and souls unite.

Appartenir                                   To be the property of

ανη’κω                                                      To reside in

Tenir                                          To be held by

être entre les mains                     Be in the hands of

Tomarse de las manos                              Hold hands

Pertenecer                                Pertain to, about, have to do with

να ειναι με’ρος του                                          Be a part of

(Akhiza)                       Grasping, holding

Agarrando                                 Grabbing

Abrázame                                  Hold me

Serre-moi                               Embrace me

Apretadamente                         Tightly

Sin espacio                                    With no space

δεν χωρος μεταξν                                 Νο space between

Entre nous                        Between us.

I belong to you.

σου ανηκω

Soy de tí




(ani shiyekhe lekhe, shiyakhete li)

I belong to you.

σου ανηκω                           reside in you

(shakakhe)                               belong

Te pertenezco                                   I am about you, I am yours

Je t’appartiens             I am your own.


με κρατας                        You hold me,

ανηκει σε μενα                  Belong to me,

Agarrame              Grasp me

Apretadamente      Tightly

I am held…

Ειμαι κρατηεωος


“…your right hand will hold me fast.”  — Psalm 139:10

By JB Morris- Poems, Prose, and Possibilities- mostly about life, sometimes about God, with brief interludes concerning shoe addiction.

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2 responses to “Soul and Tongue: An Exercise in Belonging”

  1. Ah-vaqesh Emet Avatar
    Ah-vaqesh Emet

    Does anyone know what ‘I belong to Yeshua the Messiah” or ‘I belong to YHWH’ is in English please? Thanks!

  2. Juliebmorris Avatar

    In English, I think we say, “I belong to Yahweh.”

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