Questions about Life, The Universe, and Everything…

Vampire Ben

Don’t we just love our kids?  They say the funniest things, and their questions are even better.  My son, Benjamin, was the most curious and inquisitive eight year old in the universe, I am sure.  And he could throw out question after question, like bullets from a machine gun, non-stop for hours!  For a period of time, I chose the very best and most fascinating questions Ben asked me, and I am sharing them with the world.

August 7th, 2008-  “What do praying mantises pray about?”

August 2nd, 2008-  “Why does only our bottom jaw move?”

July 27th, 2008-  “Mom, does everyone swallow their spit? Why do we have to swallow our spit?”

July 26th, 2008-  “Are there vampire bats at our house?  Do they ever suck people’s blood?”

July 25th, 2008-  “If there were really werewolves, would they surround our house and howl until we came out?

July 24th, 2008-  “Do yellow-jackets like blackberries?  Do army guys like blackberries?”

July 23rd, 2008- “When I get big, can I have a job where I only take care of snakes and lizards and turtles?”

July 22nd, 2008-  “What makes the sky blue?”

July 21st, 2008-  “Are there real witches that can do magic and stuff?”

July 20th, 2008-  “Will there be any hurricanes at our house (no oceans here for hundreds of miles)?  How do clouds make a tornado?”

June 15, 2009-  “Where do the clouds go when they disappear?”

June 19, 2009-  “How did Muffy and Fritz have puppies?”  “Are Muffy and Fritz married?”

June 20, 2009-  “Are there spiders in my bed that will crawl into my ears when I go to sleep?”

June 21, 2009-  “Why don’t boys get pregnant?”  (Good question, Ben!)

September 2, 2009-  “Are ‘ghostbusters’ real?”  “Can I be one?”

November 20, 2009-  “Is Santa Claus real?”  “What about the Tooth Fairy?”

November 21, 2009-  “Does the Tooth Fairy get angry if you keep your teeth?”

November 25, 2009-  “Do dogs go to Heaven?” (upon the death of our beloved dachshund, Fritz.)

December 15, 2009-  “When we say the blessing before dinner, does that include dessert?”

December 23, 2009-  Does Santa know that I’m grounded this week?”

January 3, 2010-  “Does the cat have a middle name?”

February 10, 2010-  “Why didn’t a tsunami happen from the earthquake in Haiti?” (I’m scratching my head here, Ben…)

February 13, 2010-  “Why do ‘octopusses’ and squids have beaks like birds?”

February 14, 2010- “How many tentacles do squids have?”  “What happens if they stick to your face?”

Time flies, and Benjamin became a teen.  He still had questions…

October 1, 2014-  “Why do we have “lockers” at school if they don’t “lock?”

And now that he is grown and in college?

June, 2019- “Why do adults have to do all of this paperwork and pay taxes and stuff?  This sucks.”

(And the whole world agrees with you, Ben.)


2 responses to “Questions about Life, The Universe, and Everything…”

  1. Schellie Avatar

    I’m just going to pick a few I like best!

    I’m not sure if army guys like blackberries but Navy girls do!

    We swallow our spit so we don’t cough all the time.

    The only thing West Virgina gets from hurricanes is lots of rain. We are too far from the ocean to really get the full extent. Want to experience a hurricane? Try being in the middle of ocean on a ship in the middle of a hurricane.

    If your top jaw moved you would have flip top head like a ketchup bottle!

  2. Dianne Avatar

    Love Benjamin’s questions! I have a 7-year old grandson and I can hardly believe some of his questions! It is great how their minds work. Thanks for sharing.

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