What if people had expiration dates? What if we were born knowing the exact date we will perish on the shelf of life? (Oh, little Timmy was born on February 18th, 2000, and he expires on October 25th, 2067, so make note of that date, now!) What if our out-of-date stamp could be found printed in neat black numbers on the back of the neck or on the inside of an arm? I think we would live our lives a little differently if we had such a reminder of life’s brevity penned on our palms, don’t you?

If I had an expiration date, I would be less likely to waste time with frivolous and meaningless activities. I would want to squeeze in as much love, kisses, and hugs as I could. I would play more with my kids, and argue less with my husband. I’d worry less about the play dough stuck in the carpet, the overdue bills, and the mismatched furniture. I would talk less about television shows and more about real life. I would read more books, take longer walks, eat more ice cream, and have more fun. I would learn more. I would worry less about what other people thought of me, and I would spend every waking hour with my family, savoring the moments, the visits, even the tedious conversations. I would care less about the neatness of my home and more about the closeness of my connections with people. I would travel more, fear less, and laugh as much as possible.

If I knew my expiration date, I would thank God for every remaining day and take the opportunity to tell everyone about His love for them. I would see every day as a special day; as an opportunity to experience something unique within it.

On the darker side of this question, if we all expired like milk, we would not have to worry about how we would leave this earth. We would just start stinking– until someone finally muffles a gag and decides to chuck us out of the house or throw us down a drain. Not a bad way to go, really, to just seep into the ground until we disappear, melting into oblivion. It sounds rather peaceful.

So, what if you knew your expiration date? What would you change? How would you live your life? Think about it. I have.

3 responses to “What if People Expired like Milk?”

  1. Dianne Avatar

    Julie I LOVE this writing of yours. Thank you so very much for sending it. I have a download folder labled “Good Reading” and I will definitely save this in it. It should be a “must read” for everyone!

  2. Mommy Avatar

    I like this. But never fear, milk does not expire at your house. Maybe after the kids are grown but for now your milk doesn’t come anywhere near the expiration date. You are supporting the dairymen of America! Any fresher and you would have to own the cow.

    Sometimes I think we’d be better examples and witnesses for our Lord if we did know our expiration date. We tend to meander through life as if wrinkles & gray hair don’t happen. Nobody pays any attention except to keep Olay and Clairol in business. Doesn’t anyone ever read the obituaries? There is an expiration date out there for all of us!

    We all do expire like milk except it is just our bodies. Our spirits will live and if we’ve made our reservations in heaven, there will be no more expiration but only inspiration. Breathe that celestial air!!!

    Love you,
    MOMMY (exp. ??? – relocating to Glory – ya’all come too!)

  3. Uncle Myron Avatar
    Uncle Myron

    I’ll probably just curdle up and die. Get it? Curdle? Okay, sour pun. OH, I did it again! Some of us can’t help crying in… never mind!!

    There are days when I think my jug is about empty and I look and see that I’ve just filled it up with myself and I stop and ask God to refill me with HIM. He knows my expiration date, but it doesn’t matter: He refills me anyway.

    “My hope is built on nothing less than Jesus’ blood and righteousness; I dare not trust the sweetest frame, but wholly lean on Jesus’ name.”

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