Many facets, many faces,

A girl with all of God’s graces,

Deep, dark eyes and sunshine hair

Reveals the angel- unaware.

Granny’s cheeks and pout to match,

Yet auntie’s nose she’s grown and snatched.

Her legs are Daddy’s, and fingers and toes,

Yet his face is hers, too, if all is told.

Yes, the conceding dimples, her mother’s pride,

But in Granny’s cheeks they seem to hide.

That lovely child, her eyes divine,

Stepmom’s in love…

Wish she were part mine.

2 responses to “Stepmother’s Wish”

  1. Mom Avatar


  2. Dianne Avatar

    As your mom said,”Beautiful.” And how meaningful these days with so many children that are not necessarily in families of Mommy, Daddy, brothers, and sisters.

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