Well, here I am in the middle of nowhere (that’s what my husband calls my parents’ house in rural Northern Missouri).  I love coming to visit my parents and my elderly grandparents, but I rarely get to do it, just twice a year or so.  With things being tight financially lately, it has been a real struggle making ends meet, let alone having gas money to go anywhere.  I am sure most Americans these days can relate. We could only travel sparingly this summer, and I chose “the middle of nowhere.”  But being nowhere is sometimes better than being at the beach, or at some amusement park, or even at home.  I have found that spending time with my family doing absolutely nothing and being bored senseless is the BEST time.  Only God knows how much longer we have together.  My grandparents won’t live forever, none of us will.  And so, we simply spend time with each other. We play cards, we watch the kids catch fireflies at dusk, chasing each other around the house. We remember how to giggle, we go fishing, we eat (a lot), and we generally do nothing.

It’s not the adrenaline rush some people crave, it’s not much, but it’s EVERYTHING to me.

When was the last time you were “Nowhere” with the people you love?

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